Covid-19 Dashboard for the Mumbai Metropolitan Region

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This data is compiled from official sources such as press releases and dashboards from individual municipalities, state government and tehsils which are maintained and translated into English by student volunteers. Some of the older data points are obtained from scrapping newspaper articles that gave a breakdown of covid cases from the past. A list of both official and unofficial data sources is available here. A list of volunteers is available here.

No, This is a crowd sourced data and contains errors and noise. We have learned to live with it.

Partially: The digitized from the state government is available here. Please credit the following in all publications or references when using this data.
Faculty and Students of Urban Expansion Observatory, Pillai College Of Engineering, New Panvel.
Please email us at uxo@mes.ac.in if you have any questions and please send a copy or link of any publication that may arise out of this.
We are working on a publication with the complete dataset and will make it available for free once the data is published.

We have used Tableau software which is a great way to make quick and beautiful visualizations. Some helpful links to make your own dashboards are below

We update the dashboard every midnight so it might be broken during that time. Please email ppillai@mes.ac.in or uxo@mes.ac.in if any issues.

We are looking for volunteers to help gather data from other cities in Maharashtra that include day wise the following details Total Cases, New Cases, Total Deaths, Total Recovered Cases, Total Active Cases, Total Tests Conducted. A preferred format is given here. Preferably we would like data at either the tehsil, sub-district or ward level. Please email us at uxo@mes.ac.in if you would like to contribute.